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Welcome to Private Yeni Bilgi Medical Center

Providing quality and reliable health services with its expert staff, focused on patient and relative satisfaction, Ankara Kecioren also included New Knowledge medical Center Following the technological developments in the field, With our modern medical devices and friendly staff, it is among the leading health institutions that see the needs of the health sector and aim to grow day by day in line with these needs..

New Knowledge Medical Centerin our own branches specialist doctorswith our Child Health and Diseases, Internal medicine (Internal diseases), Mouth and dental health, Dermatology ( To the skin ), Physical therapy and rehabilitation, nutritionist, General Surgery, Eye diseases, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases ( KBB ), Psychiatry ( psychologist ) , Radiology , Urology , THErtopedi and Traumatology, Surgical Aesthetics is included.


Private Hospital
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Our Mission

Providing high quality health services to the patients of every segment of our society, to serve our country in the field of health by creating job opportunities in the health sector, to ensure that our staff work happily in continuous training and safety..


Quality Health Service

Quality Health Service

Our Medical Center is reliable with its expert staff experienced in the health sector., of good quality, focused on patient and relative satisfaction, following technological developments in the field of health, It is one of the leading health institutions that sees the needs in the field of health and aims to move forward every day in line with these needs.


Patient rights
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Patient rights

The rights of everyone who applies for health service from Private Yeni Bilgi Medical Center, 01.08.1998 Date and 23420 It is protected under the Patient Rights Regulation in the Official Gazette no..


General surgery specialist
Internal Medicine Specialist
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist
Gynecology and Specialist
Biochemistry Specialist
General practitioner
General practitioner
Orthopedics Specialist

"Traditional and complementary medicine" protection from physical and mental illnesses, do not diagnose them, used in maintaining good health as well as improving or treating

Internal medicine ( Internal diseases ) detailed physical examination and necessary analysis in line with the patient's history, Thanks to the necessary evaluations and multi-disciplinary approaches, the patient

Emergency Department specialists, With a dynamic staff consisting of experienced nurses and healthcare professionals, all emergency cases 7 day 24 hour of service acute developing

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Gynecology, pregnancy, It also serves with all the possibilities of modern medicine in the solution of prenatal and birth related problems..

General Surgery Unit, It works in cooperation and coordination with many disciplines due to the wide area of ​​interest.. Majority of General Surgery patients are diverse

The Pediatric Health and Diseases unit is responsible for the diagnosis of individuals involved in the process from birth to adolescence., interested in follow-up and treatment 0 with 18 between ages, are people defined as children.

Urology, male and female urinary tract diseases (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra) is part of the health services related to. Health problems in body parts can happen to anyone

Musculoskeletal bones that play the most important role in our daily life, muscles, joints, consists of ligaments and nerves. Yeni Bilgi medical center Orthopedics and Traumatology unit, diagnosis of musculoskeletal diseases

Ear Nose Throat or ENT (ear, nose and throat) diseases, ear, nose, paranazal sinüsler, mouth, farenks, symptoms in the larynx or neck,

Physical therapy and rehabilitation for a healthier and painless life in our hospital by our physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists experienced in musculoskeletal disorders

Hair transplantation is the most natural and permanent way to gain new hair for people who have suffered hair loss.. To the spilled area in hair transplantation, the patient's own healthy hair is added. The hair to be added is taken

Eye examination in early infancy, It should be done periodically during childhood and adulthood.. Currently, in babies 2 monthly, 6 monthly and 12 Eye exam should be done at month of age and eye exam even if there is no problem